Almost every business owns, uses, or produces intellectual property, but the value of every trademark, copyright, and trade secret lies in being able to effectively leverage them. Whether you are an artist, an app developer, run a business in the cloud or from a store front, the Law Office of Ken Brady is committed to making sure your intellectual property is protected. Copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets can provide substantial protection, but those rights can be difficult to secure and easy to lose. The firm can help you throughout the life of your intellectual property by developing a strategic plan for originating intellectual property, securing the appropriate protections, enforcing your rights, and licensing your work so that it can work for you.


Federal trademark registration is an important protection that can go a long way to ensuring that you reap the rewards of your hard work and investments by defending you from those who would infringe on your brand. Too often, securing a federal trademark registration can be a daunting task. The firm provides a full suite of services to help you determine how to best secure your trademark rights and navigate the often-confusing legal waters of trademark registration. If you are considering starting a new business or have been running your business for years—no matter if you are working out of your garage or have established yourself in the market—federal trademark registration is an important part of any business.

The Law Office of Ken Brady offers the following trademark services:

  • Trademark Counseling and Strategic Planning
  • Searching Services
  • Application for Registration
  • Responses to Office Actions
  • Revival of Applications
  • Post Registration Monitoring
  • Post Registration Renewal and Maintenance
  • Enforcement and Defense of Trademark Rights

  • Copyrights

    Copyright registration can be vital to defending your creative works from infringement or outright theft. However, many myths exist about copyrights, and what you don’t know can hurt you. The Law Office of Ken Brady will work with you to ensure that your ideas receive the best protection available. Whether you’re an artist or entrepreneur, whether you put your work on the Internet or on shelves, federal copyright protection can benefit you. We offer a wide variety of services to help you secure and protect your creative works from infringement and defend you from copyright claims.

    The firm offers the following copyright services:

  • Copyright Registration
  • Infringement Opinion Letters
  • Litigation
  • Licensing

  • Trade Secrets

    Nearly every business has proprietary information, but trade secret protection is difficult to maintain and easy to lose. Developing procedures for handling confidential information can range from day-to-day policies, employment agreements, licensing agreements, and non-disclosures which may be necessary when seeking investors. However, when trade secrets get out they are gone forever. If your business has proprietary information, techniques, or products that qualify for protection, the Law Office of Ken Brady will help you protect your trade secret.

    The firm offers the following trade secret services:

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Internal policies for protecting trade secrets
  • Enforcement of trade secret rights